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I think we're being set up

For the record, Jeff Dorchen speaks the truth.

Secular Jew is codeword both for all Jews and pretty much all fairness or liberty tinged social progress.

Listen to him say it. This is language my father would understand.

No attack on Iran; evil U.S. and Iran governments must be resisted but war really is not the answer

Lest those who do know that both the Bush regime and the current Iranian regime are evil fool themselves into the wishful thinking that a U.S. attack on Iran would have any good at all:

To Truthout, regarding their fight with AOL and Yahoo

In help to:

In regards to the difficulties people have receiving Truthout e-mail at AOL and Yahoo, may I suggest:

1. Point people to an ISP founded precisely to ensure people's access to independent media:

2. Use a progressive e-mail service such as Electric Embers that has vast experience dealing with the big ISPs:


benjamin melançon

Also wrote back to Steve Anderson of who sent me the link:

Resisted the strong temptation to purchase

I have no idea what could be used for, so I didn't register it even though I thought of it. That's progress.

The Universe is the Center of Me

It's profound. Think it over.

The universe is the center of me.

Imposing Extreme Capitalism: Killing Democratic Alternatives

Naomi Klein at the annual conference for the American Sociological Association broadcast by Democracy Now:

Revolutionaries, not activists, needed: an African perspective

We either value African life, understand a black life as equal to a white life and the poor as equally deserving as the wealthy – or we do not.

Read Mukoma Ngugi's article which makes clear the reasons radical change is needed for the people of Africa (even more than most of the world), and why this is the appropriate spot:

I am a wirter

I am a writer. At least, I call myself a writer. Not because of any talent in writing, but because I'm a really bad talker.

Only Two Kinds of Journalism

More on NowPublic.

(Via "There's only two types of journalism: good journalism and bad journalism")

Scott Karp's "It’s Not Citizen Journalism Or Crowdsourcing - It’s Just Journalism"

I don't care about the terms so much, but I am very concerned with defining journalism as process and standards (which everyone has to talk about more) and not as a profession.

Will (the powers behind) Bush cancel the 2008 election?

It's a question that has to be asked, and perhaps, in the asking, make it less likely to happen...

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